Hado Bear is a very big, cuddly, friendly, stuffed toy polar bear with a big heart. He loves to make people happy and wants to have fun with you. He hopes that you will come along with him on all of his adventures to learn about how to have a happy and healthy life.

Kathleen Quigley Caputo has chosen Hado Bear as a delightful and accessible guide to help both children and parents understand that our thoughts, feelings, beliefs and words affect our energy (Hado), and have the power to transform experiences from negative to positive.

“I treat everyone
the way I would
like to be treated.”

Discover "Hado Bear's Secret"

Who is Hado Bear?

Hado Bear has a secret he’s afraid to share. He’s also afraid no one likes him. Find out what happens when he meets Janine, a little girl who’s also afraid no one likes her – and shares his secret with her.

What is Hado?

Hado (pronounced “Hah-doe”) is the Japanese word for the vibrational pattern of life energy from which everything is created. 

For Parents & Teachers

What would it be like if the children in your family, school or neighborhood knew that they can change a situation or challenge by changing their thoughts, words, and beliefs? What if they knew that we are all perfect just the way we are?
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