Kathleen Caputo

Kathy Caputo

Kathy is an ordained interfaith minister who focuses on providing positive and life affirming resources to children of all cultures and backgrounds.

Following a 30-year career as a business executive, she founded Source of Guidance, Inc., a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping children and families have happy, healthy and fulfilling lives and to better respond to life’s challenges.

Kathy received her ministerial credentials from Emerson Theological Institute. She is a Staff Minister at the Center for Spiritual Living Long Island, and has led more than 100 programs for children. Kathy has also taught workshops on creativity and guided imagery for the New York City School System, the Fashion Institute of Technology, and City University of New York.

Hado Bear’s Secret is the first in a series of books Kathy is authoring to teach children and parents we are all perfect just the way we are.

“When I think I can’t, I can’t. When I think I can, I can!”

“I respect the different customs and beliefs of others!”

What is Hado?

Hado (pronounced “Hah-doe”) is the Japanese word for the vibrational pattern of life energy from which everything is created. Hado is everywhere, in every aspect of nature, and in all living creatures. Hado is dynamic, always in motion, always capable of change. It is the basic energy of human consciousness. As human beings, we have the capacity to change our Hado – our energy vibration or consciousness – and guide it with our intention. Every thought, feeling, belief, and word affects our Hado. When they are positive, we create positive energy, actions and results in our lives and in the world. When they are negative, we can also create negative situations for ourselves and others. The concept of Hado dates back thousands of years in Japan. Dr. Masaru Emoto, a Japanese author, researcher and entrepreneur, re-introduced the concept to the modern world in his 1999 best-selling book, The Hidden Messages in Water. Kathleen Quigley Caputo Studied with Dr. Emoto and is a Certified Hado Instructor.